Smarty Junior J67 for Dodge Cummins Turbodiesel 6.7L 07-09 DODGE

MADS Smarty
Tuning Systems
8.19 × 2.93 × 9.36 in
1.5 lb
Installation Instructions: 

Big power gains don't have to come at the expense of busted knuckles, greasy fingernails and wasted hours under the hood. Boost your big rig's output the easy way with a Smarty JR Programmer. In 5 minutes or less, the Smarty JR optimizes your pickup's onboard computer to unleash up to 100 extra ponies and a ton of torque from your diesel powerplant—all without turning a single bolt, screw or nut.

With the Smarty JR Tuner on the job, you'll tow harder, climb hills faster and pass slowpokes in a flash. Just plug it into your OBD-II port, pick from the 3 tunes and you're set. The advanced CaTCHER software of the Smarty Junior gives your throttle hair-trigger response, speeds up turbo spooling times and even improves your fuel economy—it's the performance trifecta. Plus, you can switch between tunes on-the-fly, thanks to Power on Demand.

More than just a power programmer, your Smarty Junior Tuner lets you customize key settings and gain insight into your engine's health. With a few clicks, you can update your tire height, adjust the high idle and check diagnostic trouble codes in plain English. It plugs into your PC for easy updates and is backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty."